Private Reformer Pilates sessions start at Northallerton Osteopaths Monday 12th April Introductory offer from 12th April to 31st May £40 per session (usual price £45). Click here to book. Group classes restart Monday 17th May and continue to be online until then.

Julian Norton, The Yorkshire Vet

I saw Helen in the run up to spinal surgery to fuse two bones in my lower spine. It was a relatively unusual condition and Helen spent a lot of time researching it to provide the best advice. I was fitted in for some individual sessions, which were tailor made for my problem. I've always been very fit but knew very little about the techniques involved in Pilates and I found Helen's advice and sessions very beneficial. Even during busy weeks, after my successful surgery, I try to include some of Helen's tips in my regular routine.

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Debbie Rainbird

Helen is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Pilates teacher, who's vibrant personality is incorporated into her classes, which relaxes and motivates her clients. She is aware of individuals capabilities and physical limitations so offers various levels of difficulty for the more advanced Pilates positions, which enables her clients to participate at their own level. I would highly recommend Helen to clients of all levels and abilities.

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Shirley Farbridge

My Osteopath suggested Pilates to me to strengthen my core muscles and help me with my bad back - degenerative spine and OMG I'm glad she did! Whilst I will never be pain free I have gone from strength to strength and haven't had what I call a 'bad back' for over 2 years now! Bearing in mind, in one year I was laid up for a while around 5 times because the pain was so bad. I'm not saying its a miracle cure - its not. I will always have my back problem but Pilates has helped by making my joints much more flexible, strengthened my core muscles in turn protecting my spine and relieving stress and tension in my back. Pilates has been a huge help to me, so, a BIG THANK YOU to Helen who is extremely upbeat, friendly and professional and her class is always enjoyable - never boring. A thumbs up from me!

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Isaac Smith

I feel much better in the neck and shoulders and the difference in flexibility at the start and end of the first class is remarkable. Helen explained and instructed all the movements with a very comfortable and professional matter. It’s really inspired me to get into Pilates when I return to Australia. Thank you and highly recommended.

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